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Hi! Moninder Singh Gulati here! I am a full-time Blogger!! This Blog is all about Health and Wellness!!!

Right now, I am living in the US. I have worked in Accounting, Marketing, and Administration for almost three decades. My experience was in Entertainment Industry, specifically in Radio Broadcasting.

All this vast experience of working on computers became unimportant when I accepted a job in the Retail sector here in the US. I felt like I needed to do something different to express myself how I wanted to.

I have always been curious about Health supplements and how they can assist in bettering our parent’s health at home. I have this inherent nature that I will always inquire about family members or my colleagues at the workplace whenever I find them not in good shape or not feeling well. And next thing I knew was that I would advise how they could get better or overcome their condition with the help of some supplements beyond whatever medication they had been prescribed. It has been true in India, and it has been the same way here in the US.

And then this year, in month of May, something happened that would change the direction of my life. On the intervening night of 29th and 30th May, i suffered a massive heart attack. I was quickly moved to local hospital in Ocala, Florida. After going through fixing my condition, Doctor revealed me that they have to put in 5 stents to save me and that little time more and they won’t have been able to save me. Those 4 days in hospital brought me overwhelming feeling of Being Self-aware.

So, I thought, why not take this nature of mine to assist family and friends in general to the next level? My Younger brother in India also helped me to listen to my inner self and start to do something worthwhile. And then, one day, I decided to work on this Blog about “Health and Wellness.” So here I am, working on it. My cell number is +19544129573.

Another motivation has been my beautiful ‘n wonderful wife. Her name is Jill Matthis. She is a Registered Nurse (Retired) with four decades of nursing experience.

She began her career in obstetrics and gained much experience on medical-surgical floors. But she gained much knowledge and experience as a bedside Hospice nurse, caring for newborns to the elderly in their days of final journey and assisting in relieving their pain and suffering. She has always had a great interest in Biology and medicine. She loves reading Autobiographies of people who have overcome physical and mental challenges. She also delves into near-death experiences and reincarnation. She is a connected soul and loves reading and practicing spirituality.